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John Miller of John Miller Consulting, LLC (referenced as JMC below) has been providing services to businesses for over 40 years.  As listed in the About Us Section, Miller has provided a variety of services to many hundreds of companies, both non-profit and for profit, as well as governmental entities, during this time frame.  Services available through the company are described in detail below.

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Personnel & Human Resources Solutions


Feasibility Studies/Research


Web Site Design and Maintenance


Economic Development


Workforce Analysis


Personnel & Human Resources Solutions


Services include confidential analysis of businesses in comparison to local conditions, with recommendations regarding specific topics of interest.  Examples of the most popular topics are:

  • Employee turnover

  • Applicant screening

  • Applicant recruitment

  • Entry and prevailing wages

  • Probationary Periods

  • Unemployment Insurance Issues

  • Working conditions

  • Benefits

  • Shifts

Research & Feasibility Studies


Studies can be done to determine the feasibility of a variety of initiatives.  Over the years, the owner has done extensive research for customers in a wide range of areas including: industrial location and relocation, labor, workforce, benefits, State and National Labor regulations, etc. 

These have ranged from the feasibility of initially locating a facility in a particular city or township; the establishment of competitive wages for new jobs being established; the expansion of a facility into a new location or within existing city/state; to the feasibility of increasing wages, benefits, etc. in existing locations.  Examples of areas reviewed are:

  • Worker Commuting Patterns

  • Size and Feasibility of Industrial Site Locations

  • Comparison of building costs, rental costs, leasing costs of existing Speculation Buildings.

  • Worker Availability as it relates to expansion-relocation

  • Wage Comparisons among existing industries and occupations,

  • Worker benefits, worker hours,

  • Unemployment Insurance Cost Savings, etc.

Web Site Design and Maintenance


The owner of JMC has been involved with the design, development, and maintenance of web sites for over a half dozen years.  JMC has the ability to assess your needs and then design a web site around those needs.  Whether the site relates to a business, an election campaign, or a governmental entity, JMC can design, develop and register a site to meet the customers needs.  Once in place, JMC can maintain the site with periodical updates as dictated by the needs of the customer. 


JMC uses a variety of Graphics programs, including Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Image Ready, Adobe Portable Document Format(PDF), Serif's PhotoPlus, JASC PaintShop Pro, Serif's DrawPlus, PhotoImpact XL, Microsoft Office Suite, Corel, and others, to aide in the design of sites; and uses Adobe GoLive, Adobe Dreamweaver, NetObjects Fusion 8.0, or Microsoft Front Page to develop and maintain sites. 


Economic Development

Services are available to Industrial Recruiters, Local Governments, and other entities doing business in the economic development or industrial recruiting environment. 


Because of his extensive 30 year involvement with local leaders, both local & state governmental officials, Miller helped to recruit over 30 industries to the South Central Kentucky Area.  During this time Miller gained extensive knowledge of (1) the information needed by economic development entities to recruit industries, and (2) the strengths and weaknesses of many of Kentucky's communities in the industrial recruitment battle.  And  lastly, Miller actually provided many industrial prospects with extensive demographic information to help them make decisions about their potential relocations and expansions. 


JMC now offers this experience to others seeking help in locating industry to their area.  Services include:

  • Locating and Securing appropriate data needed for local decision making and planning,

  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of an area,

  • Providing Data Analysis including Comparisons with Competitors,

  • Making recommendations for Courses of Action,

  • Providing reports, Presentations and Marketing materials that can be used to attract clients to the area (including Internet Presence as noted above.)

  Workforce Analysis


One of the most critical factors facing communities and companies in today's business environment is the status and viability of their workforce.  The workforce category is so important because it covers many areas, including wages, benefits, employment, unemployment, unions, unemployment insurance, taxes, tax credits, absenteeism, turnover, recruitment, occupational shortages, occupational surpluses, worker education levels, etc., etc.


Miller of JMC has many years of experience analyzing workforce issues for companies, government and economic development entities. 

  • Local Governments and Economic Development Entities may want to learn how their labor force compares with other communities as they compete for new and expanding industry.  An analysis will help them determine the status of their work force and what they can do to improve it, or methods they can take to make their labor force more attractive to industry relocations and expansions.  It can also help establish the types of companies that are suitable for their community based on the the labor force that is prevalent.

  • Companies may want a workforce analysis to determine whether to expand, or locate in a community, to compare communities they may be considering, or to determine if their levels of benefits are appropriate for the area. 

JMC has the experience to provide analysis for virtually any workforce scenario.


Pricing for any of the services listed above are customized for each job requested.  Contact us for more information on the various services provided and/or for pricing.

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