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Below are samples and overviews of a few of the previous Projects that have been accomplished by John Miller, Owner of John Miller Consulting. 


Workforce Analysis


Web Site Design & Development


Economic Development


Feasibility Studies/Research





Workforce Analysis-Personnel Solutions


JMC completed a project for a major Industrial Authority in Southern Kentucky relating to Labor Availability, Worker Turnover and other Human Resources issues. 

It involved determining causes for:

  • difficult employee recruiting;

  • excessive employee turnover in some industries in the area;

  • determining the level and type of worker availability in the area and region,  and

  • making appropriate recommendations for problem resolution 

The project involved thoroughly analyzing several  manufacturing companies hiring practices, their working environments, wage and benefit structures, employee training, shift structures, and personnel practices, as they related to new hires and existing employees.  It also involved reviewing labor conditions occurring within other manufacturing companies in the county, the Labor Market Area, and the Region (Southern Kentucky-Northern Tennessee).  The project resulted in a 50 page document of facts, findings, and data, and 21 specific recommendations made to the client to resolve problems that were occurring in the area.


Web Sites


Miller has been developing, designing, and maintaining web sites for well over 10 years.  This work included the first local Workforce Development interactive web site in the state of Kentucky.  Samples of his sites are listed below.  Sites developed have ranged from Governmental, quasi-governmental, Election Campaigns, and Private Companies.  When you visit a site below, just use your back button to return to this page.

Economic Development


Industrial Recruitment Efforts:  Miller has worked closely with Economic Development and Local Elected Officials over the last 33 years.  He assisted with the recruitment that led to the location of over 30 industries to the area.  Below are examples of materials he developed, presented to potential Industrial Prospects to assist in Economic Development growth and industrial recruitment for the South Central Kentucky Area.  (PowerPoint files below requires MS PowerPoint.  Once file opens, in IE Explorer, right click on a slide and choose full screen to get better quality; In Netscape click on View, slideshow)

Feasibility Studies/Research


One of JMC's most valuable services involves the ability to conduct feasibility studies and conduct research as it relates to economic development and workforce issues. 

  • Feasibility of Restaurant Location: JMC recently conducted a feasibility study to help a major Fast Food Restaurant Chain to determine the best location for a new restaurant.  The research dealt with analyzing commuting patterns of workers within and across a multi-county region of Northern Alabama. 

  • Feasibility of building a Manufacturing Speculation Building:  This project was conducted in collaboration with Martin Jones & Associates (a regional Industrial Recruiter), and involved determining the feasibility of building a manufacturing speculation building in South Central Kentucky.  Clients were interested in a study to determine if it would be profitable to build a Speculation building in South Central Kentucky to attract a manufacturing client.  And if so, what would be the optimum size, amount of land preferred, preferred physical characteristics, amenities, cost, optimum sales price or lease price, Lighting, etc.

    To conduct the study, a review of All commercial manufacturing buildings available in Kentucky and Northern Tennessee was made.  A review of their size, current lease or purchase price, selling price of previously sized buildings, the type of construction, number and type of bay doors, min-maximum clearances height, air conditioning, office size, age of building, location, amount of land available for expansion, the speed at which certain sized buildings sold, the length of time on the market, etc., etc.  The study compared activity in various scenarios including: Kentucky-Northern Tennessee, Buildings in Western Kentucky and Northern Tennessee; South Central Kentucky; and by specific County.

    At the end of the study, recommendations (based on 114 buildings reviewed) were made to the clients about not only the optimum size, costs, and amenities a new speculation building should have, but also analyzed the labor climate as it related to the attraction of a new industrial client for the speculation building.  The study included many detailed spreadsheets and charts listing all 114 buildings in various configurations, along with their characteristics and photos of virtually all of the buildings reviewed.  This information was presented in both hard copy and by CD, which allowed the client to study the results and recommendations in even more detail if desired.



While employed as Manager of the Local Employment Services Office, Miller was actively promoting the community, the services of the agency and helping to recruit companies to the area.  He developed many marketing publications during his tenure.  These included both hard copy and electronic publications.  They included the Bowling Green Area Career Center web site listed above and a local Labor Market Publication for Business and Government Leaders.  He also was given the lead role by the Department in developing a Labor Market Publication for the 10 regions within Kentucky. 


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